Around Primel français

plage plage
plage plage
The beach of Primel

pointe de Primel pointe de Primel
pointe de Primel pointe de Primel
The point of Primel

Cabane douaniers Cabane douaniers
La cabane du douanier (house of the customs officers)

Plage de St Jean du doigt Plage de St Jean du doigt
The beach at Plougasnou - St Jean du doigt

Oratoire_Notre_Dame_de_Lorette Oratoir_ Notre_Dame_de_Lorette_detail
Notre-Dame de Lorette's oratory was built in 1611 on the road between
Primel and Saint-Jean du Doigt.

Chemin côtier1 Chemin côtier2
Chemin côtier3 Vaches bretonnes
The coast path between Primel and St Jean du Doigt

Enclos_paroissial_de_Saint_Jean_du_doigt Enclos_paroissial_de_Saint_Jean_du_doigt_detail
The parish close of St Jean du Doigt has been visited by thousands of pilgrims
hoping to be cured of eye diseases following the miraculous arrival of the Finger
of Saint Jean Baptiste.